Spar90™ – Long-Lasting Protection for Your Industry

Military Industry – Veterans facilities, barracks, uniforms, tents, medical facilities, Navy ships, galleys, mess halls and tents, linens, vehicles, field equipment, lavatory & shower facilities, Army/Air Force bases, forward outposts
Medical & Health Care Industry – waiting areas, ER, pharmacy, ICU, diagnostic imaging, operating rooms, dialysis centers, physical therapy, cafeterias, patient rooms, bathrooms, restrooms, wheel chairs, gurneys, hand rails, furniture, linen, counters, night stands, door handles, bedding, uniforms, scrubs, food prep areas, common areas (elevators, hallways, lobbies, etc.)
Veterinary Industry – kennel areas, boarding facilities, veterinary clinics, humane societies, pet grooming centers, pet stores, pet food areas, aviaries, zoos, circuses
Oil Rig Industry – mess halls, galleys, bedrooms, bathrooms, door knobs, shower area, locker rooms, offices, medical stations, gym facilities, laundry rooms
Real Estate & Housing Rental Industry – carpeting, bathrooms, garages, bathrooms, kitchens, linens, roofing, siding, pool areas, outdoor surfaces
Sports Industry – weight rooms, restrooms, locker rooms, shower area, sports equipment, sports mats, hot tubs, exercise equipment, cafeterias, saunas
Marine Industry – sails, rope, decks, seat cushions, life jackets, galleys, restrooms, carpeting, vinyl, canvas, furniture, exposed soft and hard surfaces, lockers, bunks, wheel house
Transportation Industry – campers, motor coaches, rental cars, RV resort settings, refrigeration trucks, truck/rest stops, school buses, trains, subways, transit buses, limousines, airplanes
Construction Industry – roofs, drywall, metal/wood studs, counter tops, wood shingles, pavers, brick work, tile, concrete walls & floors, paved driveways, wood decks, vinyl siding
Correctional Facilities – tables, desks, restroom areas, shower facilities, jail cells, bunks and bedding, transport vehicles, hand rails, door handles, counters, cafeterias
Entertainment Industry – theme parks, bowling alleys, arcades, night clubs, movie theaters, concert halls, ice skating rinks, carnivals, arenas, water parks, casinos
Food & Beverage Industry – grocery stores, caterers, restaurants, restrooms, refrigeration systems, processing facilities, prep areas, floor drains, commercial kitchens, cafeterias
Personal Fitness Industry – benches, bikes, bar bells & other exercise equipment, mats, restrooms, saunas, towels, counters, door handles, shower facilities, yoga matts
Travel Industry – hotels, ship cabins, airline cabins, bathrooms, buses, trains, furniture, counters, linen, door handles, hand rails, saunas, outdoor surfaces
Child Care Industry – desks, chairs, lunch rooms, restroom areas, counters, napping mats, exercise mats, cribs, hand rails, door handles, rugs