The Next Generation in Health Safety.

Unparalleled Focus

RESCA International is focused on advancing safe and effective healthcare solutions worldwide by identifying innovative and unique life-changing products and services.

RESCA develops unique products and continually seeks out and sources the newest, best-in-class technologies, and licenses, acquires or partners with organizations with cutting-edge products and services.

RESCA evaluates current healthcare trends, global developments, and humanitarian needs, as well as assesses international existing healthcare standard operating procedures (SOPs), and formulates critical needs assessments. Based on these findings, RESCA develops and/or sources enhanced products and services to offer more effective, safer, less-toxic, longer-lasting, more efficient alternatives. 

Product Portfolio

RESCA International is currently acquiring, developing and sourcing multiple technological innovations.  RESCA International is focused on products which will be instrumental in the battle against the world-wide spread of dangerous microbes, and the unmet challenge of combating bio-film growth.  RESCA International is poised to make a global difference in the way in which humanitarian products are sourced and distributed.  We are developing products directed at controlling the spread of vector-borne illnesses on a global platform.